Automobile Tags, Mobile Homes, & Trailers

Automobile annual renewal cards are sent out monthly according to the individuals birthday and last address on file. In order to maintain accurate records all changes of address must be reported to the Tax Collector’s office within 20 days after moving. The owner should provide the tag numbers with the change of address report. NOTE: Renewal notices are not required to renew. It is the responsibility of each registered owner to see that the registration is kept current.

Driver License

You must make address changes for driver licenses within 30 days. You can print and mail this form for driver license address change along with the fee specified, as instructed on the form.

Tangible Personal Property Tax

Please notify both the Tax Collector and the Property Appraiser immediately about a change of address if you are selling a business, or mobile home.

Real Property Tax & Tax Bills

Change of ownership, corrections, address changes or questions regarding exemptions, changes in ownership or address, or property assessments are not handled by the Tax Collector’s Office and should be directed to the Property Appraiser at (772) 288-5608.

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