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How much does a local business tax receipt cost?2019-09-09T15:43:07-04:00

Local Business Tax Receipt is $26.25 annually.

When do I need a Martin County local business tax receipt?2019-09-17T19:17:13-04:00

Any person (legal entity) engaged in (or managing) any business or occupation in the incorporated or unincorporated areas of Martin County defined in Martin County Ordinance 464, requires a Local Business Tax Receipt. A business tax receipt is required for each location conducting business. Some agricultural businesses do not need a license.

What if I change the location of my business?2019-09-09T15:44:04-04:00

A business tax receipt may be transferred upon application and fee. Prerequisites for new location must be satisfied (i.e. Zoning, City License, Health Inspection). If a business tax receipt is not transferred within 30 days, continuing to do business is subject to the same penalties as doing business without a business tax receipt, as well as payment of the full amount due for each classification.

Upon sale of a business, is a business tax receipt transferable to the new owner?2019-09-09T15:44:35-04:00

Except for individual professional licenses and exempt licenses, a business tax receipt may be transferred to a new owner upon application procurement of any and all regulatory or required documents and payment of fee.

Are there exemptions from local business tax receipt?2019-09-24T19:02:17-04:00

Yes, but an exception form must be filled out.

What should I do if I go out of business, or close one of several business locations with a business tax receipt?2019-09-10T16:57:32-04:00

Notify the Tax Collector’s Office in writing, with a copy of the business tax receipt to be inactivated. If advertising or conducting (Commercial Only) a “Going Out of Business” sale, a permit should be obtained. For additional information contact the Tax Collector’s office.

How long does it take to get a business tax receipt?2019-09-09T15:46:28-04:00

Most local business tax receipts can be issued the same day you come to the office. Regulated activities may require inspections or additional information, therefore, some business tax receipts may take longer to meet issuance requirements.

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