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Florida uses a metal license plate with the alphanumeric system, meaning there are combinations of letters and numbers used for identification. The renewal sticker denoting the owner’s birth month and the expiration year decal is affixed in the upper right hand corner. The license plate is displayed on the rear of the vehicle with the exception of certain commercial vehicles. The plate is issued to the owner for ten years. The owner will receive a new plate (with new numbers and letters) during the tenth year.

Vehicles are registered on a staggered basis according to the registered owner’s birth month. The registration expires at midnight on the owner’s birthday. The only exceptions to this schedule are company owned vehicles and short term leased vehicles are renewed in June; truck-tractors, semi-trailers, and trucks weighing over 7,999 pounds are renewed in December and due on December 31st; Nine passenger and over vehicles used for hire are also renewed in December. All vehicles are licensed according to weight. Travel trailers and mobile homes are licensed according to length.

Vehicle tags registered in the business name expire June 30th.

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Tag & Title Fee Estimator

Estimates the fee amounts of tag and title transactions:

License Tag & Title Fee Estimator

Please note: Calculated fees are only estimates and may vary depending on selections.

You may renew your registration up to 90 days prior to the expiration date. To renew, the following items are required:

  • Your reminder notice, or previous registration, or license plate or decal number.
  • Proof of Florida property damage and PIP insurance must be submitted. Company name and policy number are required.
  • Payment by cash, money order, or personal check. (ID must be shown when writing a check). Please use blue or black ink to write checks. As the transfer of funds between banks becomes more electronic, the technology used for transmission best reads blue or black ink. When other colors are used there is a risk that the check can not be properly read and may be returned for non payment.

A penalty will be charged if you fail to renew before the 11th day of the month following your renewal month.

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Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance (binder, policy or card) from a certified Florida agent or broker is required to purchase and renew a license plate in Florida. The vehicle owner must present to the Tax Collector documentation of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in the amount of at least $10,000 and Protection Damage Liability (PDL) insurance in the amount of $10,000. Motorcycles, mobile homes and trailers are exempt from the insurance requirement. Commercial trucks require additional insurance.

Duplicate Registration and Decal Replacement

If you have lost your vehicle registration, a duplicate may be issued. The license plate number, decal number or vehicle identification number is required for the issuance. This can be processed by mail or at any of Tax Collector location.

To process by mail, send the request and a check payable to:

Ruth Pietruszewski
Martin County Tax Collector
3485 SE Willoughby Blvd.
Stuart, FL 34994

If your license plate and/or decal has been lost or stolen you must contact your local law enforcement agency to report the loss or theft. You must provide the police report number when filling out the application form HSMV 83146 for a replacement plate or decal. Only the registered owner of the vehicle can apply for a replacement plate and/or decal by providing the license plate or decal number, or the vehicle identification number. Personal identification in the form of a Driver License or Identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a passport or a U.S. military I.D. card is required.

For lost registrations or titles for vessels please contact the number below for replacements. For replacement fee information please call our office. If your license plate was stolen and you have a police report your replacement plate is free of charge.

School Bus Safety Video

The Tax Collector is an agent for the Department Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The department have teamed up with Department of Education and Department of Transportation to remind drivers of safe practices when approaching a school bus.