About False Alarms in Martin County

On September 27th, 2005 the Martin County Board of County Commissioners adopted an ordinance titled The Martin County False Alarm Reduction Ordinance. This allows the County to impose a fine against businesses and homeowners for False Alarms.

Martin County False Alarm Reduction Ordinance No. 770.

The ordinance was designed to minimize the number of false alarms and help offset the cost of deputy response to false alarms. The ordinance places responsibility on the alarm user to prevent false alarms.

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Alarm payments may be made by mail by sending a payment to:

Martin County Tax Collector, ATTN: False Alarms, 3485 SE Willoughby Blvd. Stuart, FL 34994.

You may also make payments by visiting any of our four locations.

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What is a False Alarm?

A false alarm occurs when the alarm system is activated and the Sheriff’s Office responds, but there is no evidence of criminal activity. This includes alarms activated by mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation or negligent or intentional misuse, where no indicated emergency existed, which results in any response by the Sheriff’s Office.

Preventing False Alarms

  • Educate the members of your home or business on how to manually operate the alarm system and what to do if the alarm is accidentally set off.
  • Close all windows and doors before turning on alarm.
  • Keep pets out of rooms with motion sensors.
  • Check for drafts that can move plants, curtains, signs, holiday decorations and other items in motion sensor areas. Fans, heaters, air conditioners, open windows, etc. can all cause drafts.
  • Don’t try to beat the system. If you need to re-enter after arming the system, disarm and start over.

If you accidentally set off your alarm:

  • Don’t panic!
  • Enter your disarm code carefully.
  • If you subscribe to service with an alarm company, do not leave the premises until you have talked to them.

Alarm Systems Application

Alarm Fees

  • First and Second is $25.00 each*
  • Third and Fourth is $50.00 each
  • Fifth and Sixth is $75.00 each
  • Seventh and Eighth is $100.00 each
  • Ninth and above is $150.00 each

*If the alarm operator has a valid alarm permit, there is no fine for the first false alarm.

All fines are due within 45 days of the date of issuance on the invoice.

Alarm operators who experience no false alarms during a permit year will have their alarm permit renewal fee reduced to $10.00 for the following year provided that the permit is renewed prior to the expiration of the current permit.

A non-permitted alarm system or alarm system with a revoked permit will result in a $200.00 fine in addition to the alarm fine.

False Alarm Reduction Class

As a way of curbing the fees of your false alarm, an Alarm Reduction class will be offered by the Sheriff’s Office. By attending this class, you will be given a certificate, which will, in turn, dismisses one false alarm fine for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you alarm is audible or it has exterior flashing lights it needs to be registered with the Martin County Sheriff’s office regardless as to whether it is monitored by an alarm company or self-monitored.

A fee of $20.00 shall accompany each application for alarms on residential, Residents and businesses within the unincorporated areas of Martin County are subject to this ordinance.

 How to Register your Alarm

If your alarm is through a monitoring alarm agency, check with your alarm company and they will assist you in completing the forms.

Alarm Permit Application

If you DO NOT have a monitored alarm (through a monitoring company or contractor), click here for the Alarm Permit Application form. Complete the “Alarm Permit Application” form and return it with the permit fee of $20.00 to the address below:

Checks should be made payable to:

The Martin County Tax Collector, please use blue or black ink to write checks. As the transfer of funds between banks becomes more electronic, the technology used for transmission best reads blue or black ink. When other colors are used there is a risk that the check can not be properly read and may be returned for nonpayment.

Mail to:
Martin County Tax Collector
Attn: False Alarm
3485 SE Willoughby Blvd.
Stuart, Fl 34994

NOTE: Fees may not be current and are subject to change!