Ruth “Ski” Pietruszewski, Martin County Tax Collector, is proud to announce that we have taken steps to upgrade our current concealed weapon application processing system and will begin processing renewals on September 3, 2015. Public services work best when their design and delivery are focused on the need of the “people first” who use them. “People First” is our top priority!

We place a high value on public service by providing our constituents with a better, more efficient, convenient, easier, and speedier service. As partners with the Department of Agriculture we both save time and resources. Both the fingerprinting and photo will be done here on site at our main Stuart location offering residents a “one-stop, fast-track” processing. We electronically deliver the application so the turnaround time to receive the permit will be shortened by at least two weeks.

We are strongly committed to finding the best ways to serve the public!

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