Partial Payments on Current Taxes

Taxpayers may elect to pay current taxes by any amount of partial payments. Partial payments are not eligible for any discounts and each payment is subject to a $10 processing fee as set forth in F.S. 197.374 (3). Taxpayer must sign and return affidavit on the back of their tax notice taking responsibility for maintaining records of their balance due. Any remaining balance that is not paid before April 1st, becomes delinquent and shall be handled in the same manner as any other unpaid taxes.

Affidavit for Partial Payments

Deferral of Homestead Taxes

Persons entitled to homestead tax deferral must make application to the Tax Collector by January 31st, if they wish to receive the deferral for the previous year. F.S.197.252. The amount of homestead taxes that may be deferred is based on household income from the prior year and/or age.

Installment Plan – Next Year’s Taxes

An application must be filled out with the Tax Collector prior to May 1, 2020, to pay your 2020 property taxes by the installment plan. Florida Law requires that your estimated taxes be more than $100.00 to participate in the Installment Payment Plan.

  • 1st Installment is made by june 30 and is eligible for 6% discount.
    • If 1st installment is made in July, a 5% penalty is added. (You must make this 1st installment to remain on the installment plan.)
  • 2nd Installment due by September 30 and is eligible for 4.5% discount.
  • 3rd Installment due by December 31 and is eligible for 3% discount.
  • 4th Installment due by March 31 at no available discount.

Re-application is not necessary if you participated in this plan for the current year.